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Belvedere original cartoon  art available for purchase

Here is your chance to own original cartoon drawings by George Crenshaw. These were all signed by George prior to his death. Each comes with a certificate of authenticity from Kurt Johansen, owner of Johansen International Syndicate. These are rare collectibles for any comics fan. Each autographed original item sells for $495. Unautographed originals are also available for $197 each. Email us for more details about unautographed original artworks. Shipping is free worldwide.

Here are samples of some of the original art which is available for purchase:

Item 1:

original cartoon of Belvedere helping steer the car

This piece was actually a paste-up that George did using portions of another of his Belvedere drawings. It is signed by George and is the actual piece he submitted to the newspaper syndicate.

Item 2:

original cartoon of Belvedere posing as a rich patron at a fancy restaurant

Item 3:

original cartoon of Belvedere posing as a customer at a restaurant

Item 4:

original cartoon of Belvedere posing as a gypsy violinist at a restaurant

Item 5:

original cartoon of Belvedere throwing his owner outside at night 
instead of vice versa

All original art is shipped from Johansen International Features in Australia.

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