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Primarily for the benefit of search engine robots, below is a written transcript of the cartoons that appear in the video on this page:

Belvedere and his owners visit a friend. As Belvedere walks inside carrying a hammer, his owner says, "We hope your house is insured."

Orville is roughed up and leads Belvedere into the house on his leash. He tells wife: "Two dogcatchers, a fire engine, cute French Poodle, the mailman and four cats!"

Belvedere is crying as his owner explains to her husband: "He just found out the neighbors are away and there won't be any trash from them for a week."

A moose is trying to kiss Orville as Belvedere blows a moose horn. Orville yells, "Try a different sound, quick!"

Belvedere and a cat are in a furious fight, spinning in circles. His owner, seeing this, says, "It's almost over. They're into the spin cycle."

Dogcatcher peeks through a loose board on a fence. Belvedere sits on top of the board out of sight of the dogcatcher. Dogcatcher says, "Now where is that pesky pooch?"

Belvedere walks outside in the rain with a huge tuba placed over his head. Orville asks, "What's wrong with using an umbrella?"

Orville looks at a very complicated set of water pipes Belvedere has assembled and says, "Yes, I see. No more drips."

Belvedere, disguised as a hobo, sits on a porch eating a plate of food his owner has prepared for him. She says, "At first I thought he was a nice ol' fellow passing through, but he keeps coming back each day."

Belvedere, in a phone booth surrounded by dogcatchers, listens to a voice on the other end saying, "Yes, this is the Air Force. You want us to commence an aerial strike where?"

As Belvedere and his owner enter a veterinary office, the veterinarian, rushes out a back door. The nurse yells after him, "But Doctor, your vacation doesn't start until tomorrow."

Belvedere has disrupted the police station. A policeman on the phone says to a fellow officer, "His owner said, 'Keep him!'"

Man sitting in a bar drinking a beer as Belvedere makes faces at him. He says to the dog: "Hey, Belvedere. I'm on vacation. I'll chase you when I get back to the city pound next week."

Orville's head and legs are pinned in croquet goal markers as he and Belvedere play croquet. His wife says to him, "Orville, when will you ever learn?"

Orville and Belvedere are trapped on a south sea island. He says to the dog: "Don't worry, ol' buddy. The I.R.S. or the city pound will find us."

As Belvedere walks out of the house with Orville for an early morning camping trip, the dog is carrying a color tv set. Orville says to him: "Hey, we are roughing it this weekend. Go get the black and white set."

Belvedere is drinking from a bottle of champagne as he and some city officials are about to Christen a ship. One official says to the other: "I've never seen him before either!"

Belvedere does a series of cartwheels from the sidewalk to the house, carrying a newspaper in his mouth. Orville asks a friend: "How's that for some fancy fetching?"

Belvedere has cut a piece of pizza that is shaped like a bone. No caption needed.

Belvedere looks on from an upstairs window as two deliverymen try to deliver a bone that is longer than the house. Orville has greeted them at the door and one deliveryman says, "You say this is not the fossil museum? Hmmm, I wonder who gave us this address?"

From inside a flying saucer, two space aliens look at a screen showing Belvedere tangling with a dogcatcher. One alien says, "Let's miss this planet and go to the next one."

Two dogcatchers approach Belvedere's house. Belvedere has pulled back a tree branch which has a boxing glove attached to the end and is prepared to let it fly toward the men. One dogcatcher says to the other: "I'm feeling lucky today, Jones."

Belvedere holds a huge hoop, which a dazed-looking dogcatcher jumps through. Orville, looking on from inside the house, says to his wife: "He's been googling hypnotism again, hasn't he?"

Orville has a giant rocket tied to his back. He is holding a shotgun and aimed up at a flock of ducks. As Belvedere prepares to light the fuse, Orville asks, "Are you sure this is going to work?"

Orville is carrying a canoe over his head and can't see that the back end is being carried by a bear. As Belvedere runs off in fear, Orville says: "Keep an eye out for bears, Belvedere."

As Orville and his wife hide in the bushes with rifles and wearing hunting gear, Belvedere is playing a variety of musical instruments -- a one-man band. Orville asks, "Why couldn't he just blow a moose horn?"

Orville is bathing Belvedere in an upturned tuba. Watching from inside his wife tells a friend: "It has to be a game or he won't stay still."

Belvedere waves a white flag as he enters the house. Orville asks his wife: "I wonder what it is this time?"

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