Belvedere cartoon

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This is Belvedere, a popular cartoon dog who has been appearing in the comics for over 50 years.

This cartoon character was created by the late George Crenshaw and has been in syndication since the 1960's. According to Crenshaw's biographical notes, the series was first syndicated by Adcox Associates Syndicate. At other times it was distributed by Field Enterprises, and King Features. In later years, George self-syndicated the feature through his own Post-Dispatch Features syndicate. Approximately five years before his death, George sold the feature to Johansen International Features in Australia, and that company continues to distribute the feature today.

Belvedere cartoon

The Belvedere series has been a recipient of the "outstanding single-panel cartoon award" from the American Cartoonists Syndication Association. According to Crenshaw the cartoon once appeared in over 300 newspapers, including the Charlotte Observer, Indianapolis Star, St. Louis Post Dispatch, Houston Chronicle, San Diego Tribune and Chicago Sun-Times.